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What Does "Alba Gu Bra" Mean?
December 23, 2008

I am enjoying your website very much; my daughter discovered it while hunting for more information regarding her favorite author, R. M. Ballantyne. Lately I've noticed that you sign off with the words Alba Gu Bra. Could you enlighten us as to the meaning of it? Very curiously yours, Mrs. B.

<center>Scotland Forever!<center/>
Scotland Forever!

Mrs. B.,
As I am sure you have noticed, this website (BTB) has a slightly Scottish leaning. That's because it is dedicated to one particular Scot, R.M. Ballantyne. "Alba Gu Bra!" was the Scottish battle cry "Scotland Forever!" which the Scots would yell as they went in to battle. (In fact, you can hear them yell it in one seen of the movie Braveheart). I use it in honor of my two favorite Scots: R. M. Ballantyne and William Wallace. - JT

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